Stone Applications

If you are considering constructing, renovating, or repairing your home and you want something beautiful that is lasting and easy to maintain, you may want to consider having custom stone work.

Stone can be used for your kitchens & bathrooms; for flooring and tiling; for interior and exterior wall or roof works; to beautify your landscape; for commercial and residential purpose…the possibilities are endless.

There are many different types of natural stones that can be used for custom stone work. We can supply you stones that are durable and fulfil your aesthetic requirement, all within the price range that suits you.

We cater to:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Indoors
  • Interior Stone Designs
  • Landscape & Outdoor Designs

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We Specialize in Custom-Made or Readymade Kitchen Bench Tops & Counter Tops. Please Inquire Now!!

Our granite, marble, and quartz kitchen worktops offer a modern, luxurious look to your kitchen. These stone worktops come in a wide range of colors and patterns and will enhance the look and functionality of any kitchen—be it modern or traditional.

Granite is one of the toughest surfaces because it is practically indestructible. It is resistant to bacteria and provides a beautiful work surface which is all natural. It doesn’t chip and take a high degree of polish. In many homes you will find granite in the kitchen, breakfast islands, or as bar tops. There is a mistaken notion that granite, marble, and quartz are too expensive. You have a wonderful option to make it affordable: come to Stonezone, the manufacturer, and you save a substantial sum.

Our granite, marble, and quartz worktops can be pre-cut to any design or measurement you desire. They are the best material for a quality bespoke kitchen.

Choose from over XX colors and finishes including high gloss bench tops, counter tops, stone bench tops, different types of edges, square edge, pencil edge, bull nosed (Please check) and tight form.


We Specialize in Custom Made or Ready Made Vanity Tops and Bath Surrounds. Please Inquire Now!!

Stone is the perfect choice of material for bath surround or vanity top. A much wider variety of stones can be used in the bathrooms than in the kitchen. The reason is that stone surfaces in the bathrooms are less frequently used than that of the kitchen. Marble, limestone, mosaic & quartzite are some of the popular choices. They offer elegant look but remain unaffected in the high humidity.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, here are some stone applications that you can get from us: countertops; counter top walls; sink backsplashes; shower floors; shower backsplashes; shower stalls and bathtub surround; and bath floorings & walls.

We can fabricate a bespoke vanity top or bath surround to your exact requirement for a perfect fit. You can choose one from our marble, limestone, quartzite, mosaic or granite stock. Alternatively, you are welcome to browse the many cuts we have in stock and grab a wonderful bargain.


We Specialize in Custom Made or Readymade Stone Tiles and Stone Slabs. Please Inquire Now!!

We offer beautiful natural stone floor tiles/slabs and wall tiles in standard sizes for indoor applications such as conservatories, kitchens, foyers, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. Stone wall tiles look rustic and interesting by themselves. They also add depth by making the decor and other furnishings part of a bigger composition.

Indoor flooring stone is a hard wearing solution for flooring needs that will not go threadbare even after using for many years. With its array of surface finishes, it offers endless diversity in colors, textures and patterns in unparalleled designs. If you seek the appealing, three-dimensional look of stacked stone, look no further than Stonezone. We have panels which are perfect for the creation of water features, especially when illuminated, to highlight the color variations.

Interior Stone Designs

We Specialize in Custom Made or Readymade Interior Stone Designs. Please Inquire Now!!

Whether you want to increase the resale value of your home, or you just want it to look its best inside, nothing works like the look of stone designs. We have numerous stone designs ideas and applications for commercial builders, contractors, interior designers, and do-it-yourself home owners. You can make use of granite, marble, limestone, slate, quartzite, mosaic, etc., to enhance the appeal of:

  • Fireplace surrounds/mantels
  • Indoor fountains
  • Accent walls & Stairwells
  • Bar counters
  • Reception areas/counters
  • Dining table tops
  • Restaurant counters for food display

Landscape & Outdoor Designs

Natural stone has a richness of texture and color that adds a sense of timeless elegance to any outdoor living space. Natural stone products can be used to create an integrated look of enduring style by guaranteeing durability and versatility for any residential or commercial application. Some of the outdoor stone work applications we offer are:

  • Stone Wall & Façade CladdingOur wide collection of wall-cladding stones & stone tiles is available in varieties of slate & sandstone. We also offer stack stone which are very popular today. (Please check)Stacked Stone is an astonishing modern cladding that is perfect for accenting retaining walls, pillars, and water features for both external and internal applications. The wall and façade cladding options we provide are known for their resistant properties and lightweight nature.
  • Roofing

We provide stellar roofing solutions in the form of diverse varieties of slate and sandstone to suit your requirements. These roofing options are highly durable and have excellent weather resistant properties.

  • Patio & pool

Natural stone tiles are the perfect medium for patios and pools; they complement their natural surroundings adding richness to any outdoor area. Talk to us about choosing the right material for the job.

  • Stone PaversDriveways and garden & courtyard paths are aesthetically defined by our stone tiles and pavers. We specialize in providing pavers in a wide range of pebbles, cobbles, stepping stones, sandstone and limestone.
  • LandscapingWith our wide range of impeccable stones and stone tiles, we provide a huge range of landscaping options to builders and construction companies. Our wide selection of landscaping options such as stone barbecue counters, water fountains, stone chairs, and benches, etc. provide you with a plethora of decorative choices for building and enhancing your garden.

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