Outdoor Landscaping

Outdoor Landscaping: Creating Attractive Living Spaces with Stone

For landscape creation and renovation, Stonezone is the source. We are the leading suppliers of imported stone like limestone, granite, marble and sandstone. We offer reasonable rates on our home and landscaping services. We provide outdoor living spaces using quality landscaping and natural stone structures for patios, water fixtures, outdoor grilling stations and more.

Granite Pavers

Granite is extremely popular as a building material. This stone has been used through centuries of time because of its quality, strength and endurance. When it comes to outdoor use, this natural stone is used for various structures, garden borders and stone works.

One example of outdoor use for granite is granite pavers. Pavers or paving stones are used for hard and flat walking surfaces like garden walkways, patios and poolside pavement. Our experts can bring any of these stone works into almost any backyard or garden area, creating a flat and level place for walking.

Even and level laying of granite pavers by experienced landscape developers makes beautiful and safe outdoor walkways. These pavement areas can be surrounded by carefully chosen plants, shrubs and trees. They can also border grassy lawns.


Now, pebbles are used any number ways in decorative landscapes. These small, smooth stones are poured into walkways as a gravel alternative. They are also scattered on top of wet cement for a pebbly surface for patios and pathways.

Especially useful surrounding a pool, these stones create a bit of traction for safe walking when the pavement is wet. Pebbles are attractive as well as useful surface material for safe walkways. Additionally, these smooth little stones certainly do their part to dress-up the outdoor living areas.


Sandstone is also called arenite. This natural stone can have several different textures in its makeup because the stone is made over time out of sedimentary, mineral-based grains. Sand grains can solidify into arenite forming a strong and hard rock.

These natural stones have varying hues from cream to pink to deep orange. People find the stones appealing because of their colours and the striping effect of different hues caused by the layers of sediment that have hardened together.

Arenite is a common stone for outdoor landscape features. Just about any type of hard feature can be built using this nice-looking stone. Porticos and outdoor kitchens as well as walkways and garden grow-boxes are some of the many outdoor uses for arenite.

A Granite Pillar

For porches and porticos, home and business owners may decide to place a granite pillar on each side of the door or walkway leading from the porch or patio to the garden. These stone pillars look solid and impressive. Granite gives the look of class and permanence.

Stationing a granite pillar at each corner of a picnic shelter is another way to use these pillars. Picnic or grilling areas that are attached or detached from the home or building can be made of an attractive combination of wood and natural stone.

Granite Tables

Continuing the solid look of granite, we provide quality granite tables. These tables can be placed beside the pool, on the porch and near a grill station.

Eating outdoors can be a pleasure surrounded by a well-kept landscape. Picnic tables bring people together. Although they can be enjoyed alone, they are usually intended for two or more to eat together. A permanent stone table with some chairs pulled up to it is welcoming to those who are eating or sipping refreshments and enjoying leisure time together. Granite tables coordinates a landscape that has other granite features, but they also look amazing as stand-alone features.

Creating Solid Outdoor Features

The many features that we can help customers create in their outdoor spaces help to dress-up landscapes. Using natural stone, porches can lead to walkways that lead to garden borders or water falls and pools. Nature’s hardest building materials are attractive and give the look of permanence and class. For professional landscape renovations small or large using natural stone that is reasonably priced, contact Stonezone.

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