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When you’re looking to renovate your home, you’ll want to keep a few key things in mind to get the results that you want. Aside from getting the highest quality stone pillars, benchtops or marble flooring from Stonezone, you’ll want to make sure you focus carefully with planning and budgeting.

Your house is the one place you can call home, so rushing through renovation isn’t the best way to make it feel like it. The first step in the right direction is going into it with a clear head and knowing what you want to go for. Whether is is marble flooring, granite fireplaces, granite tables or something else using high quality stone, Stonezone can help you make it happen.

Advantages of Granite

Choosing granite as the material for your kitchen counter top tile guarantees that you are using the best possible stone material you can for home. Since it originates from hot magma, granite is one of the strongest materials naturally made by the earth. The only thing any stronger than granite is a diamond, which is actually used to cut granite — and as nice as the thought of a diamond counter top may be, that may be a little bit too out of reach for most people.

Having said this, it is not easy to scratch granite. They won’t crack and can easily withstand piping hot pans and pots put on them. In addition, they resist stains with ease and are waterproof, making it difficult for molds and bacteria to grow on them. They even work well for rolling pasta or pastry dough since the surface is polished, and this also makes it easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. They even increase the overall value of your home, which makes getting granite counter tops or benchtops the most cost effective solution.

Getting slabs of granite is the most expensive choice for a counter top, however. It is necessary to buy the entire counter top surface all at once due to the unique patterns that granite features; it cannot be replicated. This means it all needs to come from the same block from a single quarry. Additionally, they are very heavy, so the cabinets must be reinforced prior to installing granite. However, the slabs are indeed capable of withstanding abuse due to its durability.

Getting a granite tile counter top, on the other hand, is thinner and lighter than a full slab. It also has an edge in a home renovation project since you can install them as easily as installing any other kind of ceramic tile. It still offers the same edge as the slab as well, such as durability and being better at resisting bacteria, cracks and stains versus ceramic tile.

After all of that, getting granite tile costs about a third of what it would cost to get a slab, and installation is easier; the right set of hands can get it done themselves just like with ceramic tile.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Granite

If you decide you want to buy granite from Stonezone for your home, whether for pillars or counter tops, you can typically get a sample kit to take home and coordinate with the decor you have at home. In the old days, granite was sold just from dark quarries in black, blue, grey and dark green colours, though the late 90s saw an increase in lighter shades. Now you can get colours in red, brown, beige or white.

How much granite counter tops costs ultimate depend on how much you want to get in square meters, as well as other factors like backsplash and edge. The standard option is round 6.35 mm granite with beveled edges, with an increase in price for special edges. Though granite is a very durable material, it is not possible to place a warranty on it due to it being a natural stone. However, the installer can always provide a warranty on the installation itself.

Though granite will not crack, blister or scratch with standard use, there are some substances that it does not work well against. This includes acidic chemicals, oils, wine or mustard. You can use mild soap and warm water to clean these counter tops, though you can also elect to get special stone cleaners. Avoid using anything abrasive, however.

When granite fireplaces or granite tables are installed, they need to be resealed once any moisture soaks in instead of letting it bead up. This needs to happen at least once or twice per year using a non-yellowing paste wax. However, this is easy to handle yourself as it does not require any special knowledge.

Remember that every piece of granite is unique, meaning that it will not match if a portion is damaged and needs to be replaced. There may also be seams left even though most installers try to avoid them. The layout of the counter top and its support will generally decide whether there are seams or not, and any that are there will have colour-coordinated epoxy in them.

Your cabinets need to be able to withstand the full weight of granite because it is incredibly heavy. Counter tops are typically upwards of 14 kg for every .09 square meters. Note that there are no sub decks needed between the counter tops and cabinets.

At the end of the day, these are the things to keep in mind when renovating your home.

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