Bathroom Renovation


While there is no one-stop plan for preparing a new bathroom, the floors and walls are an excellent place to start.

When looking at bathroom tiles for the floor, you want a style that’s personal and brilliant, yet it also needs to be safe. It’s the most likely surface to get wet. Even with rugs in all the right places, it’s important to use materials that minimize accidents. Our StoneZone engineers can definitely advise you in this area. We’ll make sure your plans include an excellent, appealing style of bathroom tiles that will be equally secure and handsome.

The walls can be as colorful as you want. Shiny, dull, uniquely cut, mosaic. Avoid large tiles in small bathrooms though. They can make the room look significantly smaller. Medium sized bathroom tiles are actually pretty effective for even the largest bathroom.


Bathroom vanities serve a variety of purposes and should be given serious consideration. It’s not just a place to put accessories like towels. It will set off the entire décor of the bathroom, whether it’s functional or artistic, ornate or simple. Construction and space are critical. Too big and they overwhelm the bathroom, too small and they don’t give off the presence that the bathroom needs.

The vanity should be both appealing and practical. Weigh what you’ll be using it for against the space. Look for good, sturdy cabinet construction. There is a lot of moisture in the bathroom and you want a material that can withstand it. There are also collapsible and expandable vanities that can be moved and installed easily. A nice granite or marble top on a vanity can set off anything from cherry wood to birch.


StoneZone is here to help you with your bathroom renovation. Our inventory includes some of the best building materials in the world.


Granite is always a great option. It has long lasting properties and it’s easy to maintain. It does not rust. Granite tiles are precut and easier to install than the usual slabs, making a small DIY project manageable for the non-professional. With the potential to withstand extreme temperatures, it has a non-porous finish. That means it does not allow penetration of liquids. That makes granite tiles and granite sinks an excellent solution.


Sandstone is perfect whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern appearance. It has a warm natural effect. It’s durable and long lasting. Thanks to its neutral stones, sandstone complements a variety of colors. It’s available in a vast array of styles, finishes and textures. It comes in a multitude of surface finishes and will give your renovation project an exciting burst of creativity.


This is one of the most beautiful, natural and popular options for many home renovation projects. It comes in a stunning myriad of colors. What makes this choice unique is the infinite colors that show in the pieces. There will be veins of color and sizes throughout, leaving no two pieces alike. You can have a rainbow of color or a single contrast. It’s great for sinks, countertops and other bathroom needs.


While it may require a little maintenance, properly installed, limestone is a natural and durable pick. Pieces of limestone will always be unique. Be sure to find it with uniform surfaces for consistency of color and markings. With regular sealing, it’s ideal for surfaces that endure heavy traffic. With a variety of formats, sizes and patinas, limestone also works well with other stones and colors.


StoneZone is the leading importer of high quality stones. We offer the best granite sinks and limestone walls. Our team of experienced engineers and architects know bathroom renovations. They are prepared to use their expertise to create your dream bathroom.

Granite comes in so many colors and styles it could used to renovate the entire bathroom. There’s Venetian gold and Saint Cecilia, which is stunning for its solid color meshed with highlights of colors that range from burgundy to primaries like black and brown. Granite always promises a look that will be alluring and personal.

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